Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coming Attractions: San Diego

We dont usually venture this far for a show, but for a little ocean air and a good friend, we would drive to the ends of the earth! Or at least the the ends of California.

This Friday and Saturday night on Broadway on San Diego you can find yourself a good party and some great art at Alexander Salazar Fine Art. The works of Justin Bower and Chris Truman were both recently feature in the new MFA issue of New American Paintings.
Their two man show brings together the arresting large faces that Bower is coming to be known for with the striking geometric abstractions of Truman.
Check it out. It will be worth the drive:

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Coming Attractions: Culver City

This coming Saturday, May 22, we are on for another Culver City art walk... Always a pleaser.

Here is was is out that I think is worth going to the openings for:

- After the rough and raw paintings of Iva Gueorguieva
Angles has a photography show up. The eerie works of  Ori Gersht. If they are huge, which I imagine they will be, it should do some interesting things to that space.
- After the crass show of Carroll Dunham paintings at Blum & Poe we are getting a whole different kind of weird out of the works of Tim Hawkinson. His installation work is prolific and always makes one think... Who knows what might be moving in there this time.
- Honor Frasier has drawings from Marl Licari

- Western Project always has something fun and different going down. Arne Svenson's solo show should be pretty interesting. I am looking forward to checking out his paper towel drawings most:

To partake in all of this newly hung art, as well as people watching.. make your way to the 10 frwy, exit La Cienega and find parking anywhere you can in the vacinity of La Cienega and Washington.

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Be sure to visit the best little Mexican place in the area when you are done. El Rio Bravo right around the corner on Washington
mmmm, its so good. I can hardly wait!

catching up

It is shocking that it has taken me this long to get back to reviews. Just so you know, I have been seeing shows and art all through this past two and half months, I just have written about it.
To start, the Dildine/Scianni show on March 2 at CGU was great. Here are some highlights of Joshua Dildine's work:
Aside from being really exciting paintings, the titles have a poetry of their own as well. The artist deals with a communion between our visual intake with advertising and the like and how we process that information. His own process includes destroying the painting (visually) to a point of defeat and bringing it back to a state of resolve. You can really see the struggle and the victory in the deep visual space.
"A New Day"

"Squeeze It's Natural"