Monday, March 1, 2010

Dildine / Scianni Shows in Claremont

The Trueman / Rash shows were a huge hit last Tuesday. There was a great turn out, the artist talks were illuminating and the food was good!

I know its on a Tuesday night, but these CGU shows are really worth the drive... For me there isnt much of a drive, so I dont miss them. But they are good. Over the course of this blog I will review shows and give updates on upcoming shows but I will also feature established and emerging artists, local and not, that I think are worth looking at.

I will shamelessly promote this one every time. The works of Joshua Dildine are amazing, direct, complex and compelling. They are exciting to look at, and even more exciting to watch evolve. This is a painter's painter who loves paint, knows how to push it around around and every stoke is confident.
Behind the process of the work is the concept of transformation. The artist begins with a lovely piece of energetic marks in the birth stage, then kills it by overworking it and muddying up the colors. Defeated, he finds a way to bring it back to life, looking fuller, deeper and richer than the initial stage could ever have accomplished. These works accomplish an amazing sense of depth for 2-dimensional non-representational work. Come out and enjoy the show! These large pieces hung and lit are stunning.

Also exhibited are the digitized yet hand painted works of Kevin Scianni. I dont have pictures of that at my fingertips just yet but I will post some later.